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“Through learning language we learn about culture.

         Through learning about culture, we learn respect for others.  

                 Through learning respect for others, we can hope for peace.” 

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The above quotation, taken from a brochure for Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota, expresses a great deal of why I chose to become a language teacher. During the approximately 30 years I taught college French and Spanish, I enjoyed seeing beginners in the language progress from only being able to say their name or how they were,  to being able to speak and write about their family, their classes, the town or city where they lived, their hobbies and pastimes, their daily routine, and even their future goals. 

​I think that some of them were surprised to discover how much they could express at the end of two semesters of the language. They were not yet fluent by any means because this can take years to achieve unless one lives in another country and becomes immersed in the language and culture. The exciting, rewarding thing for me as a teacher was to receive e-mails from former students who took the risk of ordering in French when traveling in Québec or visiting Paris, had real (albeit brief and simple) conversations with someone while on a volunteer service stay in the Dominican Republic and they discovered the joy of breaking language barriers.

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Benefit from Carrie's expertise: Français, Español, or English. Use her instruction, coaching, tutoring, translations & interpretations services.

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No, despite Carrie's impressive credentials, she has worked to keep her services competitively priced.      
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Yes, Carrie's services will be customized to your needs, and kept confidential.       

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